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Lifestyle brand Four Leaves creates with purpose, for a purpose. Things that mix-up the discussion, shift the narrative and add a new layer.

This project was part of DDW 2022
A good day starts at night — © Image: Ruben van Nimwegen

Everything starts with a different view of the home.
A vision without boundaries where we are free to go the extra mile. Adding details, mixing fabrics and mashing worlds together. Telling stories, building layers and creating the new. Always with the best intentions.

Mixed-up and beautiful.

At home, we are.
Not something. Not someone.
Just are.

At home, we are real.
We don’t need to prove anything.
We just need room. Space. To be.

Four Leaves is here to make even more room for you.
To empower you.
To expand your personal space.
To express who you are and explore who you could become.
Layered. Full of unexpected details.
Mixed-up sometimes.
But always – always - infinitely beautiful.

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Clean your body, clear your mind — © Image: Ruben van Nimwegen

Sleep as you are — © Image: Nine IJff

Changing the perception of the ordinary — © Image: Ruben van Nimwegen

Shiran Gort, Founder of Four Leaves