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(Archive) Raices flotantes

Hybrid shapes

This project was part of DDW 2022
Rattan, ceramic and silicone — © Pietro Nilo Photograph

Combination of rattan, ceramic, glass and silicone connected into an organic chandelier, floating roots reminding us how we can all repot at some point in our life.

Collective ceramic "STEENGOED" exhibition located in OST

Michela’s work, among many other things, has revolved around the idea that we are shaped by the objects around us just as much as we shape them.
As someone who has lived at least six years in three different countries it feels natural to assume that her roots have the ability to float and find life and nutrients in many different soils, adapting to different environments, just like most plants would.
Raices Flotantes is a hybrid project that embraces Michela’s desire to mix and connect different materials in one organic shape.
Is the result of experiments that took place during a residency in Domaine de Boisbuchet (FR), where she learnt the rattan technique and combined it with modular ceramic pieces previously extruded and fired.
The piceces will be part of the ‘Steengoed’ exhibition located in OST (Sectie-c).
Steengoed is a Dutch rather broad term for pottery or other ceramics fired at a relatively high temperature, but it also expresses excellence. If it is hard as stone, relates to a rock or looks like a brick this overview will show it all.

Eva Priego Photography

From the process of extrusion — © Pietro Nilo Photograph