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(Archive) Future Perfect

Another take on creativity, design and creating sustainable values

This project was part of DDW 2022

Future Perfect is a collaborative initiative driven by UNStudio. It explores potential design opportunities created by combining neglected design heritage as inspiration with outdated products left over from manufacturing.

Future Perfect Concept

The overall aim of the concept is to create a design collection in the widest sense of the word, where both design and sustainability are approached in new ways. Rather than recycling leftover products, the concept is to repurpose them by combining, overwriting and altering the products in such a way that their original properties are respected. As a result, design inspired by heritage is translated into objects that enhance both the aesthetic and ethical values of the leftover products and the original heritage inspiration.

Future Perfect Targets

The initiative repurposes outdated products without recycling them by translating circular economy principles into methodologies and language of design. The design language draws inspiration from the heritage of textile and fashion patterns, prints and prototype collections of F.FRI (Foundation Fashion Research Italy). Instead of using virgin materials, Future Perfect starts at the end of the manufacturing process of two project partners – Object Carpet and Kvadrat. Their waste stream and outdated leftovers, the by-products of an imperfect manufacturing process are looked at as a resource. Inspired by the intriguing fashion textile archive of F.FRI the historic fashion prints and the outdated textile and carpet collections are brought to a new life with a circular approach minimizing reproduction, recycling and concentrating on creating value by design. The new collections created under the umbrella of Future Perfect will not be tied together by formal characteristics, but by the same design principles focused on a unique sustainable approach.

Future Perfect at DDW

The exhibition features a spatial installation demonstrating the Future Perfect concept. Furthermore is also showcases the results of Phase 1, a design studio organized by YACademy and F.FRI UNStudio has done with young designers. The base research of the project will be also featured together with mapping out the the next steps of the initiative - research and development, product design and development, branding and design methodology development. The target of the exhibition is also to open discussion about the concept and to invite new participants, collaborators to join the project.

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