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Interieurvormgeving - Meubelontwerp

Interior design - Furniture design - Mechelen (B)

Katherine O'Loghlen_NEGOTI(EET) foto Fingeret Noam

The shown pieces of furniture are end- and yearprojects from the students of Thomas More Mechelen (Belgium) – Interiordesign OHO-IV – Open Higher Education.
The furniture is made starting from a specific concept, individualy designed and realised by the students.


Each piece of furniture has its own story en appearance.

About Hogeschool Thomas More

We are Interior, Design & Architecture. Within Thomas More, university college with approximately 1000 students and 90 employees the creative maverick. From Mechelen, we focus on the (design) world of tomorrow. We organize education so that everyone with a passion for design can get the best out of themselves:
Our education places a high value on practice.

Petra Roks_RA:TIO foto Deboudt Björk

Leen Goetschalckx_ZijBEPAALT foto Vanhorebeek K.

Sarah Boven_UnIK_

Anne Wolfs_I AM A..._foto Vanagt Maartje