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(Archive) Interieurvormgeving - Meubelontwerp

Interior design - Furniture design - Mechelen (B)

This project was part of DDW 2022
Katherine O'Loghlen_NEGOTI(EET) foto Fingeret Noam

The shown pieces of furniture are end- and yearprojects from the students of Thomas More Mechelen (Belgium) – Interiordesign OHO-IV – Open Higher Education.
The furniture is made starting from a specific concept, individualy designed and realised by the students.


Each piece of furniture has its own story en appearance.

Petra Roks_RA:TIO foto Deboudt Björk

Leen Goetschalckx_ZijBEPAALT foto Vanhorebeek K.

Sarah Boven_UnIK_

Anne Wolfs_I AM A..._foto Vanagt Maartje