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A light that never goes out


A solar lighting solution for emergency contexts

Given the sensitive context regarding the refugee camp, “Eye” is a solar powered solution whose aim is to increase access to a more durable and powerful lighting source, facilitating the individual and collective activities that has to be achieved during the nightlife.


The complexity of the reference context, refugee camps, encompasses a multitude of aspects and factors that impact the lifestyle, aspirations and needs of the people living within it. The availability of a light resource is one of the key elements in ensuring a decent livelihood, expanding the possibilities of being able to carry out individual and collective activities even during the night hours. The essential need for lighting requires the use of electrical components that enable in terms of brightness and durability the activities essential for daily life.

Adaptability and reliability

Accomplished by maximising the energy that can be harvested during the day, and thus using a battery that ensures prolonged use of the lamp (approx. 14 hours), the aim is to ensure greater reliability during the night. This is also enabled by a modifiable light beam, possible thanks to double lenses above the LED, which is significantly more powerful than products currently used in the context and increases the adaptability of the product itself.

About Nicolò Guanziroli

Student in the Master's programme in Integrated Product Design at Politecnico di Milano, involved in an exchange programme with the faculty of Industrial Design at Lund University.