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Welcome to the New Stone Age

Bricks made from waste, tiles made with the help of bacteria and concrete pavers without cement. New materials for construction and architecture

Welcome to the New Stone Age — © StoneCycling

StoneCycling presents new building materials that have a positive impact on construction and architecture. We'll introduce you in the world of waste, raw materials and carbon emission. We will show you that a fresh approach leads to surprising and impactful new building products.

The amount of waste we are generating is growing vast, while world is running out of raw materials

Over 40% of the total waste in the Netherlands comes from construction, demolition or industry. There is no good solution for much of this material. At the same time, raw materials are extracted more than ever: in the Netherlands 90 million tons of sand, 5 million tons of gravel and 4 million tons of clay are being extracted every year. Worldwide, an estimated 50 billion tons of these aggregates are extracted.

Commonly used raw materials such as sand and gravel are becoming increasingly scarce, as they are extracted at a rate much greater than their natural renewal. Excavation also has a negative impact on organisms, habitats and ecosystems.

The production of materials for the construction sector accounts for 11 percent of global CO2 emissions. And these trends are continuing at a rapid pace. Population growth is an important driver. Worldwide, the equivalent of Paris is added every five days in floor space.

A new generation building materials counteracts these trends

To reverse these trends, StoneCycling has an ambitious mission: to develop beautiful building materials made from 100% waste with a positive CO2 impact on the planet. If we want waste to become the raw material of the future, we must be able to make aesthetic, as well as functional products.

Bricks made from waste, tiles made with the help of bacteria and concrete pavers without cement

This exhibition takes the visitor along the story of the WasteBasedBrick®, a facing brick made from 60% waste and the BioBasedTile®, a new tile product made with the help of bacteria. The BioBasedTile® is based on Biomason® technology. They are inspired by the way nature makes cement, like coral. This technology has the potential to be an alternative to the polluting traditional cement industry.

StoneCycling also looks to the future and shows the latest developments in collaboration with partners. Such as a ceramic wall tile made of 100% waste, a re- mountable facade and a cement-free concrete clinker. Projects that have been realized in recent years in Amsterdam, London and New York are also shown.

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About StoneCycling

StoneCycling was founded in 2013 with the aim of developing new sustainable building materials that provide an answer to the sustainability challenges in construction and architecture.

Waste Based Materials — © StoneCycling

WasteBasedBrick in New York — © StoneCycling

WasteBasedBricks® — © StoneCycling