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Material Matters

Rethinking materials

Fabric samples from 'Fabulous Fungi' — © Ilse Kremer

Sustainable design is not just about a product, it is also about the material. Nowadays more and more designers are starting to look for new materials; they question the way in which we use certain raw materials and, where necessary, look for more sustainable alternatives.

A different role

In this way, designers play an important role on the road to a climate-neutral society. This journey takes us to interesting places: we visit the realm of fungi, dive to the bottom of the sea and view the inside of a beer brewery.

About Next Nature

Next Nature is a network of makers, thinkers, educators and supporters. With members in 44 countries, we are the international network for anyone interested in the debate on our future. In 2022 Next Nature has reopened the iconic Evoluon in Eindhoven, as meeting place and exhibition space about the wonderful world of technology, resourcefulness and creativity of design and innovation, about our future – in which biology and technology are fusing.
West area, Evoluon, Noord Brabantlaan 1A , Map No. C1
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