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Tejo Remy BYBORRE Chair

A new version of the Rag Chair, a Dutch design classic, made using textile waste from BYBORRE, the Amsterdam based textile innovation studio.

Tejo Remy BYBORRE Chair — © Tejo Remy

Over the course of 4,5 weeks, BYBORRE gathered enough textile waste for Tejo Remy to make one new version of the Rag Chair. To accompany the BYBORRE Rag Chair, a new product has been added to their project; a rug made out of high quality textile scraps recovered during the sampling process

Minimising textile waste and reusing materials

In a traditional system, there are many physical samples produced before one design is finalized. With the digital textile design platform BYBORRE Create™, BYBORRE has managed to minimize the textile waste drastically, mainly by replacing most physical samples with digital samples. The platform offers the possibility to creators to design their own knitted textile digitally, in a more conscious and responsible way. Once the design is finalized digitally, a physical copy is knitted with the highest quality yarns. There is minimal to no textile waste.

About Tejo Remy en BYBORRE

Tejo Remy
I asked myself whether this overload of products was sensible and whether we should not question our "consumer society". From this thought I developed designs that were related to Robinson Crusoe's thought on his island: "Everything is material". You work with what surrounds you, what is already there. Waste streams were used as much as possible as material to come to new designs: the Rag Chair, the chest of drawers, and the milk bottle lamp.
Tejo Remy BYBORRE Rug — © Tejo Remy