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(Archive) DDW Talks: Sustainable Products

How can we navigate the world of sustainable design and the solutions it offers?

This project was part of DDW 2022
From sludge to tile at DDW21 — © Nick Bookelaar

Design is partly to blame for an overabundance of products in our lives. But it can also offer solutions. This talk explores how designers and brands can actually make a difference.

Sustainable Products

Sustainability is a complex topic for users, designers, brands and policymakers alike. Can you scale up production and remain sustainable? How can brands actually make a difference? What can smaller studios learn from bigger companies and vice versa? How can we reduce waste and promote more meaningful object relationships? How can we make frugality cool?

Moderator: Gabrielle Kennedy | Editor-in-Chief at DAMN

• Philipp Pattberg | Director of the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute (ASI)
• Holly Krueger | Designer
• Baptiste Sené | Circular design engineer at VanBerlo
• Alicia Ville | Sustainable designer at VanBerlo
• Machteld Rijnten | Creative director and founder of The Substitute
• Charlotte van der Lande | Founder of A Lott of Space
• Ricco Fiorito | Commercial director, circular design and business developer at CooLoo

Programme Wednesday 26 October:
09:00 | Doors open at Fifth, The Stage (NRE Terrein, Gasfabriek 5, Eindhoven)
09:30 | Start DDW Talk
11:30 | Stay for coffee, tea and a light lunch at Fifth
12:30 | End programme

Good to know:
- The DDW Talks include coffee, tea and a light lunch
- The programme will be spoken in English

About the partners

• The Substitute
The Substitute is a community of sustainable brands and professionals in the interior and renovation industry. We communicate about the harmful effects of fast furniture and inspire with the sustainable alternative.

DAMN° is an independent quarterly print magazine and digital platform that explores opinions on contemporary culture. It was founded in 2004 and has intimately witnessed the expansion of the discipline, including art, design and architecture. DAMN° is ultimately about understanding reality - defiantly using creative minds to poke holes in conventional media for a fuller understanding of what’s shaping our world today.

• VanBerlo
VanBerlo, part of Accenture Industry, innovates products and services for industries such as FMCG, mobility, healthcare, banking and high-tech. VanBerlo’s smart connected solutions combine physical and digital. These solutions can provide personalized offerings and convenience to users while offering companies new ways to expand their businesses. Another way in which VanBerlo caters to an ever growing need of business these days is with their approach on sustainable design.

Furniture provided by Sofacompany, additional designs by Pepijn Fabius Clovis, Pepe Valenti and Teun Zwets, facilitated by isola.