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(Archive) DDW Talks: Eco Pioneers

How can design, science and technology save the planet?

This project was part of DDW 2022
Bio Art Laboratories at DDW21 — © Nick Bookelaar

When the boundaries between design and science blur, we can learn to harness biology to create products, processes and environments in harmony with the natural world.

Eco Pioneers

How do we facilitate systemic change in our approach to nature through research, experiment and design? How do we create products, processes and environments that are truly circular? How do we enter the symbiocene?

Moderator: Ruben Baart | Editor-in-Chief at Next Nature

• Emma van der Leest | Biodesigner & founder BlueCity Lab
• Bob Hendrikx | Inventor, biodesigner & architect
• Navied Tavakolly | Program manager KIA-CE "design for circularity"
• Ed de Jong | Vice president of development at Avantium Technologies
• Beer Holthuis | Product designer at Plantics
• Lauren Raaijmakers | Artist
• Noëlle Ingeveldt & Juriaan van Berkel | Designers Berkveldt

Programme Tuesday 25 October:
09:00 | Doors open at Fifth, The Stage (NRE Terrein, Gasfabriek 5, Eindhoven)
09:30 | Start DDW Talk
11:30 | Stay for coffee, tea and a light lunch at Fifth
12:30 | End programme

Good to know:
- The DDW Talks include coffee and tea during the break and a light lunch
- The programme will be in English

About the partners

• BioArt Laboratories
BioArt Laboratories functions as a gateway to a world of unlimited possibilities where science, nature, technology and creativity go hand in hand. These domains together form the foundation for a sustainable bio-based community which offers ample room for thinking and creating human. To achieve this, they facilitate the development of international top-talents and trained experts.

• Next Nature
Next Nature is a network of makers, thinkers, educators and supporters. With members in 44 countries, they are the international publication and network for anyone interested in the debate on a future – in which biology and technology are fusing.

KIA CE stimulates the development of knowledge and innovation for the circular economy. KIA CE does this by connecting knowledge institutions, companies and governments. They give direction to cross-sectoral cooperation, strengthen networks and thus give the circular economy a solid place in government policy.

Furniture provided by Sofacompany, additional designs by Pepijn Fabius Clovis, Pepe Valenti and Teun Zwets, facilitated by isola.

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