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Liquid Colours

A study of colour, reflection and light.

Sanne Schuurman and Stella Verdult joined forces to explore liquid colours in itโ€™s broadest sense, resulting in a playful collection of colour studies.

It all started with a 'Playdate'.

'Playdate' is an initiative by Stella Verdult, with the sole purpose of having fun within a creative context. The use of basal materials such as paper, plastic, textile and paint softens the expectations and simplifies the creative process, letting serendipity run its course.

By inviting Sanne Schuurman, the two designers started studying the reflection and fluidity of a new found liquid colour pallet. These colour studies can be used as building blocks for future works and collaborations. The studies that are showcased during this edition of the Dutch Design Week are the results of a hybrid Playdate, during which Sanne Schuurman and Stella Verdult both worked on the same topic; 'Liquid Colours', but at a different location. They reacted on each others work, choices and vision, resulting in this playful installation.

Bring a visit to one of the live Playdates!

Stella Verdult will also be hosting 2 live Playdates at Plan- B, on the 25th and 27th of October 2022. You are welcome to come and have a look, while Verdult creates new work with artists Valentine Cloix, Alice Bureau and Cindy Bakker.

About Studio Stella Verdult

As a creative strategist and sustainable designer Stella Verdult offers durable and sustainable guidance to textile and design companies by suggesting new designs, colour palettes, fabrics, quality standards, and most of all, a sustainable strategy for all the steps that are involved in designing and producing a durable product. Driven by curiosity for colour, especially the way they relate to each other, she plays with collages, photography and words. A suggestive and heedful approach in which