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Masters Textile Design - LUCA School of Arts BE

Room for stories

Camille Paroissien en Marjolein Minnaert — © Carina Diepens

Presentation Master research-projects 2022
Textile Design LUCA School of Arts Ghent, BE
Participants: Michaela Armani - Emma Bellengé - Helena Cnockaert - Annelien Kiekens - Céline Lambrechts - Marjolein Minnaert - Lize Mussche - Camille Paroissien - Paulien Ribbens - Jana Visser

Innovative design and art practices in the cross-fertilization between art and design.

Textile projects placed in a broad research framework: textile as a material but also as a medium to represent cultural values, meanings and the spirit of times, within the field of art and design and the cross-overs between them.
The themes are diverse and relate to various contexts in which textiles play a role. In the projects of the masters textile is playful, contrary, critical, an open medium that interweaves with other disciplines and responds on a complex world. Reality and imagination play leapfrog and occasionally run off with science fiction. Today the masters Textile Design 2022 tell their own story.

Lut Pil.
Masters of textiles - Last(h)ing Impressions
Museum Texture Kortrijk BE

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About MA Textile Design LUCA School of Arts Ghent BE

LUCA School of Arts is the only university college in Flanders exclusively dedicated to art and design. Textile Design is characterized by an investigative openness. The disciplinary boundaries are extended, both technically and in terms of content, and the artistic added value of the textile language is emphasized. The research projects relates to an ever-changing society, which means that the discipline and mentality of approach are constantly evolving.

Helena Cnockaert — © Carina Diepens

Emma Bellengé — © Carina Diepens

Paulien Ribbens — © Carina Diepens

Helena Cnockaert