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(Archive) Masters Textile Design - LUCA School of Arts BE

Room for stories

This project was part of DDW 2022
Camille Paroissien en Marjolein Minnaert — © Carina Diepens

Presentation Master research-projects 2022
Textile Design LUCA School of Arts Ghent, BE
Participants: Michaela Armani - Emma Bellengé - Helena Cnockaert - Annelien Kiekens - Céline Lambrechts - Marjolein Minnaert - Lize Mussche - Camille Paroissien - Paulien Ribbens - Jana Visser

Innovative design and art practices in the cross-fertilization between art and design.

Textile projects placed in a broad research framework: textile as a material but also as a medium to represent cultural values, meanings and the spirit of times, within the field of art and design and the cross-overs between them.
The themes are diverse and relate to various contexts in which textiles play a role. In the projects of the masters textile is playful, contrary, critical, an open medium that interweaves with other disciplines and responds on a complex world. Reality and imagination play leapfrog and occasionally run off with science fiction. Today the masters Textile Design 2022 tell their own story.

Lut Pil.
Masters of textiles - Last(h)ing Impressions
Museum Texture Kortrijk BE

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Helena Cnockaert — © Carina Diepens

Emma Bellengé — © Carina Diepens

Paulien Ribbens — © Carina Diepens

Helena Cnockaert