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(Archive) Living Systems,

an alternative perspective on change

This project was part of DDW 2022
Living Systems — © Lizan Freijsen

‘Living Systems, an alternative perspective on change’, includes 4 banners of 200-300 cm with an assemblage of textiles combined with text and presented in an outdoor area at Sectie-C.
A small publication navigates through the field and informs about the small and invisible world.

‘Living Systems, an alternative perspective on change’, 4 banners with textiles and text.

Studio Lizan Freijsen is fascinated by the ‘living surface’, where mosses and fungi transform strong materials like concrete and stone walls. Our attempt is to ban moulds and moisture spots from our everyday environment.
Changing something ugly into products of value is Freijsen’s way of recycling what is already present.

In this time of reflection, I want to advocate for slowing down, reflecting and layering. The need for change is more urgent and stronger than ever. Where softness is most needed, my work can play a role, i.e. in healthcare facilities, knowledge centers, laboratories and in political buildings.

With my work I want to the contribute to the appreciation of cyclical processes and give insight in the invisible world of fungi.
Sharing information can perhaps change the behavior of humans in order to create a healthier climate for all beings.

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