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(Archive) Saraswati

An installation about Creative Self-Empowerment

This project was part of DDW 2022
Saraswati — © Sophie Yotova

Creativity is an accessible and affordable superpower that can help us reshape our identity, redesign our reality and rewrite our story.

The Installation

Since the dawn of civilization, creativity has been a catalyst for human progress. But in addition to fuelling technological innovation, creativity can also help us to foster connections, build intimacy, discover who we are beyond social expectations, connect with and process our emotions, heal painful wounds, and much more.

Saraswati is an invented concept, designed to remind us of the power of human creativity. It is a multimedia installation, representing the beauty that emerges from us when we allow ourselves to trust the process and let our inspiration lead us on the journey of creative self-affirmation.

Saraswati is a Bendy, ever-changing sculpture of the Hindu goddess of art and wisdom.

People can share how creativity helps them and inspire others with their path. Enthusiasts can include their stories as a part of the sculpture or add it to an online library.

Each storyteller enriches the installation and makes SARASWATI an ever-changing collaborative project by the community for the community.

Creative Workshops

The project also involves workshops as a way to engage visitors in different creative processes.

With prior registration, people will have the opportunity to awaken, develop and use creativity in different aspects of their daily lives. Among the activities led by artists and designers from the international community of Eindhoven are workshops on everyday materialities, unusual jewellery and playful creativity to build self-care habits and stress management skills.

From our perspective, creativity can improve not only the development of design projects but also the practices of caring for oneself, the community and the environment.

Making together and exchanging experiences from different cultural backgrounds is something that has characterized the work of the International Creative Women in Eindhoven.

The workshops that will be offered during the design week are an opportunity to strengthen the creative community in the city, making it more inclusive and plural.