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(Archive) #Bangladesh @DDW 2022

In a rapidly developing Bangladesh, a new generation is aiming for partnerships in design and innovation to convert 'challenges' into 'opportunities'.

This project was part of DDW 2022

As Bangladesh and The Netherlands celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations as well as Bangladesh's independence, the Embassy of Bangladesh in the Netherlands presents a creative and enterprising face of #Bangladesh at the DDW2022. Join us if you are open for collaboration in innovation and design!

Economic success story

Bangladesh is now the second-largest economy in South Asia, 39th largest economy globally. With a population of 170+ million, Bangladesh is the seventh-most populous country globally. 30+ million of the population is recognized as middle and affluent class. More than half of the population is youth. Current economic growth projections show Bangladeshi middle class to grow rapidly, boosting its domestic market.

Bangladesh has a homegrown class of entrepreneurs who are connected to global markets. Aside the well-known textile and apparel sector, the ICT sector is growing rapidly and new innovative sectors like automotive and electronics are emerging. These are also supported by Bangladeshi Government policies like Digital Bangladesh and Vision Bangladesh 2041.

Bangladesh & The Netherlands

This year, the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the Kingdom of The Netherlands are celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relationship. Both countries have been working together in many fields e.g. water, climate change, converting the 'challenges' of the river delta into 'opportunities', agriculture, healthcare, urbanization, etc.

Over the decades, mutual friendship and understanding between the two peoples have created a basis for entrepreneurs to engage in trade and investment-oriented collaboration. Both Dutch and Bangladeshi companies are increasingly exploring to forge technology and innovation centric engagements.

Contemporary Bangladesh story also emanates from common peoples' enterprise, creativity and skills. As part of their culture and heritage. Their uncanny craftsmanship and designs are manifest in a range of traditional and creative industries or burgeoning entrepreneurship in SME's.

People's enterprise gets infused with endowments of nature e.g. jute fibre and rich bio-diversity. That is eminently manifest in a range of goods and crafts coming from Bangladesh, especially as Europe and the world looks for new materials and solutions.

Invitation to collaborate

This year, Bangladesh and its entrepreneurs like to present themselves at the Dutch Design Week 2022, sharing their stories and inviting you to explore design-centric collaboration on a wide range of topics in Business, Manufacturing, Innovation, Sustainability, Society, Urbanization, Fashion, Materials, etc.


09.30 Walk in
10.00 Welcome in Brainport Eindhoven
Joost Helms, Co-founder/Director Eindhoven International project Office
10.15 Opening - "Introducing Bangladesh, a country of opportunities"
H.E. M Riaz Hamidullah, Ambassador of Bangladesh to The Netherlands
10.35 Keynote - "Unleashing the power of design in the international context"
Hans Robertus, Design Expert, Lecturer (former Philips Design, DDW)
11.35 Introduction - Bangladeshi entrepreneurs
12.05 Networking lunch
13.15 "Brainport Innovation ecosystem: Lessons for and from the world"
Joost Helms (EIPO)
14.00 Potential for Bangladesh - Netherlands collaboration
15.30 Signing ceremony
16.00 Closing remarks
16.10 Networking drinks & bites
18.00 End


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