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(Archive) New place for all species in Strijp-S

Step into a future where nature, humans, and technology flourish together

This project was part of DDW 2022
Team picture — © Unknown

The current home of the Yksi Expo is making space for a new foundation by the beginning of 2023. The 600m2 space will serve as a hub for design research, interdisciplinary collaboration, inspiration, and realization, serving as a living illustration of a local flourishing ecosystem.

A place to show and create a future together

Yksi Expo is going to change. A multidisciplinary group of young professionals will take over the foundation as of January 1, 2023. With a new name and a new meaning. Even more than now, this space will become a 'living lab', a dynamic environment to discover and explore the future together. We want to welcome locals, designers, educational institutions, makers, and enthusiasts, both humans, and other species, to work with us in realizing this future.

Collaborative design research projects, exhibitions, performances, and workshops, among others, will be part of the initiative. These projects and activities will be based on the principle that nature, people, and technology can flourish together. One of the spearheads will be a more-than-human-centered design, where we look at the ecosystem as a whole, instead of only the human. As a sneak preview, Iris Bekkers, one of the initiators, shows her project 'My non-human neighbor'.

In nature, a collaboration between organisms is vital; in the same way, we are establishing collaborations with numerous organizations, individuals, and knowledge institutes like the Eindhoven town hall or the department of Industrial Design at the Tu/e.