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Pforzheim University | BA Jewellery | MA Design &

works by 10 graduates and students

ba jewellery: sophie krautmacher; valentina michaelis; david rauch saavedra; jinye wang; lifu zhou; jewellery: jakob althoff; vladi könig
ma design & future making: anthea oestreicher, sabrina buendgens; chun tong

About Pforzheim University

the pforzheim university jewellery department is one of the oldest in germany, in a town that is known for it's jewellery craftsmanship and industry. ma design & future making is a new masters program. we engage in a constant process of exploration and discovery: traditional notions and expectations are loosened, the unknown, ambiguous and enigmatic are allowed, wit and paradoxes are formulated, the ability to observe and pay attention is sharpened, and acumen and presence of mind are set free.

generative design + craft, brooch — © petra jaschke

meta-morphosis — © petra jaschke

(b)othering_substrate of existence — © sabrina buendgens


Sectie-C area, Punt-C Industriële hotspot op Sectie-C, Daalakkersweg 10-16 , Map No. H13
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