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(Archive) Strotec Torentje Strijp-S

The 'Tiny Tower' is a showcase for pre-assembled building of walls and floors with a biobased pre-fab fast construction system EcoCocon from Strotec.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Het Strotec Torentje Strijp-S — © architecten en|en|, Eindhoven

A stacked, biobased building has been designed for the garden of The New Block, with which we show that building with biobased materials and without traditional building materials is already very possible.

It is a demountable structure, which is movable and re-usable. And is built in 1 day.

Construction must change...

Construction is a major polluter when it comes to CO2 emissions and the production of non-circular materials. The indoor climate also often leaves a lot to be desired. Buildings must be build better !
That is why Strotec focuses on 3x climate-positive-building:
- Cradle-2-Cradle
- Storage of CO2 in materials (Construction Stored Carbon)
- a healthy and pleasant indoor climate

Urgency still seems to be missing.....

Very few builders and governments seem to realize that the CO2 ceiling, as agreed in Paris, has almost been reached. Some scientists calculate a term of 5 years to go, but there are also theories that calculate that the ceiling will already be reached in 2.5 years.

This fact will lead to the fact that building with traditional materials will come under heavy pressure in the very near future.

Strotec has already developed a row-house that absorbs so much CO2 in the biobased materials used (98.4%), that 3 traditionally built row-houses are compensated with this (together 4).

Serial Climate-Positive and Biobased Building; it's already possible!

In order to show in practice that Climate Positive and Biobased building is already a reality and can already be applied (on a much larger scale), we realized the 'Strotec Tower'.

It's a showcase for the prefab façade system EcoCocon, with which for the first time the façade elements have been pre-assembled into entire facades and pre-assembled floorboards have been applied.

The showcase shows the construction method as an example of:
- Prefab construction
- Fast construction
- Biobased construction
- Building with CO2 storage (Carbon Stored Building) instead of building with
environmentally harmful materials
- Vapor-open building
- Healthier building (through natural insulation, balanced
humidity and acoustics).
- Building with little installation
- Structural construction with Stro-HSB system

We want to offer visitors the opportunity to see the special - still unfinished - biobased building system up close, but also let everyone experience the indoor climate.

Inside the 'Tiny Tower' is an exhibition with 2-d images and moving images of the creation and placement of the building.
In addition, clay plaster session will be organized (on sa 22, mon 24 and thu 27).

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