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The MiNiMONO Project

Multi-purpose furniture for the entire family made from recycled HDPE

The MiNiMONO Family — © Anne Deppe

We make long lasting everyday objects for families that challenge imagination and creativity following the guiding principle of circularity for a regenerative future.

Our furniture is flat pack, mono-material and our manufacturing process is close to waste neutral.

Sometimes all you need is two steps to see the world from a different perspective

Our designs can have different purposes depending on the user: a stool can also be a plant stand, or a side table and therefore adapt to different age groups. It is furniture for kids that adults find so great that they want to keep using!

All pieces are flat pack, mono-material and very easy to assemble, they are suitable for indoors and outdoors and can be cleaned with almost anything. They are made of recycled HDPE and are meant to last a lifetime but can also be 100% recycled or sent back to us for re-purposing.

Our business model is based on five principles: circular design, sustainable material, conscious production, optimized distribution and practical use; which we apply in a systemic approach throughout the whole decision making and creative process.

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About Studio Kilikolo

We are Julieta and Dirk, a multicultural couple based in Berlin trying to create a better future for – and with - our two children. We all are MiNiMONO.

Our aim is to turn discarded plastic into life-lasting objects adaptable to multiple uses, environments and generations.

We design furniture for families with both functionality and aesthetics in mind because we believe that everyday objects have the power to get people engaged with the circular economy.

M3N1 deconstructed — © Anne Deppe

M1 Family confetti — © Anne Deppe

S jumping over the M4N1 in camouflage — © Briony Ridley

There is a MINIMONO for everyone

Strijp T+R area, Piet Hein Eek, Halvemaanstraat 30 , Map No. A2
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