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Color Blends

by Rē

It’s time to say goodbye to the endless supply of new raw materials and embrace the newfound aesthetics and applications resulting from the re-use of leftover materials.

A starting point

As a starting point for this shift, Rē presents a range of fabrics made of unsorted textile waste in a ready to order collection for home interior applications. The collection invites you to discover the potential of re-used material sources and value its imperfections through different mixed colour blends.

Rē is a starting point to explore new design possibilities through the reuse of raw leftover materials. Using Wyron yarns as its main ingredient, Rē is made out of mixed textile waste and aims to close the industry's loop in an endless cycle.

About Rē

Rē is a collaboration between Envisions, AE studios and Michael Wolf. Together, they have joined forces to both industrialize and explore the possibilities of recycled materials.
Station area, Envisions, Fuutlaan 14I , Map No. F9
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