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(Archive) The Whalesong Project

The Sonic Agency of an Architecture.

This project was part of DDW 2022
In the Belly of the Beast. — © Alexander Johannes Heil

A geo-located composition created from the sounds of De Fabriek Eindhoven

The Whalesong Project

De Fabriek Eindhoven is one of the oldest art initiatives in the Netherlands. It is situated in a former bookbinding factory with two main floors.
A vast cellar with a series of concrete columns and a great hall with a vaulted ceiling.
It's particular sound qualities and the sounds the building creates by itself are often topic of conversation during exhibitions and events at de Fabriek.
Alexander Johannes Heil sees the building as a huge instrument with it's own agency.
From field recordings he took at de Fabriek during September and October 2022, he created a geo-located spatial composition with a radius of approximately 2 km. Like in a cubist painting the spectator will experience the sound objects scattered, simultaneously, and overlapping in time and space while approaching the building.

Please bring your Smartphone and Headphones!

This work is an audio piece accessible via the smartphone app Echoes.
Echoes is funded through Echoes Labs projects and its wonderful Open Collective community (no ads, no data sales).

White Whale — © De Fabriek Eindhoven