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The Body as Reference for (R) Evolution

A site-specific piece. An immersive, sculptural, durational performance.

United Cowboys, Sofia 2022 — © © United Cowboys / Cahaya Eleven

The BIOTOPE format, which will represent the core artistic tool of this particular artistic presentation series, is a site-specific piece - an immersive, sculptural durational performance that combines dance, performance art and objects. This is a collaboration with Sommerblut Festival, Cologne.

Sommerblut Festival Co-Creation

Since 2014, United Cowboys builds monumental travelling site-specific biotopes.
BIOTOPE is a site-specific piece that the United Cowboys have worked with in various contexts over the past years - an immersive, sculptural durational performance that combines dance, performance art and objects.
These are self-sufficient durational environments, in which dancers, performers and musicians are present.
The space is being redefined individually. The audience can walk around to observe and absorb this world from all angles. It can stop to watch, it can move on, step out and return. This organic space adopts and transforms naturally over time, giving space to both the performer and the audience to share space, perspectives, mentality, views, challenges and individuality.
It is a highly inclusive, collaborative artistic format that can be transferred to various contexts.
Collaboration between artistic directors, Maarten van der Put and Pauline Roelants, and guest artists in the context of Sommerblut Festival, Cologne 2022.

Open walk-in between 18:30-22:30 possible!

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About United Cowboys

The live-art company United Cowboys is based in Eindhoven (NL). With a permanent core and an international group of performers connected to the company, United Cowboys creates performances on the borders of dance, performance and image, and object. It manages a large art house on Kleine Berg in Eindhoven, provides artist residency spaces, and hosts quarterly art festivals. Since 2020 United Cowboys has collaborated with the DDW to introduce a performative aspect.
Centre area, Art House - United Cowboys, Kleine Berg 62 , Map No. E0
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