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Embassy of Food

(Archive) AI-Bert's Fresh Place

Personalized Solutions for Life on a Damaged Planet

This project was part of DDW 2022

Welcome to AI-Bert's Fresh Place, a supermarket run by an Artificial Intelligence, filled with “Personalized Solutions for Life on a Damaged Planet”.
Talk to him about personal problems and ecological interconnectedness, and he will invent a new personalized solution for you!

The supermarket

The supermarket is a place where all of the world's history and power structures are present, albeit hidden behind the smiling face of commercialism and advertising. Colonialism, globalization, resource extractivism, industrial agriculture, factory farming, climate change, and ecosystem collapse are all there. But so are our survival, our cultures, our ancestors, and our connections. Baked into lifestyle, nutrition, and family time, the supermarket is a boiling soup of human desires (and needs).

The ecological crisis brings to the fore fundamental ethical issues: If there are to be more for nonhumans (habitats/resources/agency/comfort), does there have to be less for humans? As we look to technology and its efficiency improvements, will the search for more ever leave us feeling we have enough? Where is the boundary between desire and need? What comfort for the self are we willing to give up for the well-being of others?

AI-bert’s Fresh Place

Welcome to AI-bert’s Fresh Place, a supermarket run by an Artificial Intelligence, filled with “Personalized Solutions for Life on a Damaged Planet”! Can AI help us make different choices as ecosystems and value chains crumble?

AI-Bert was born out of GPT-3, an enormous language model trained on hundreds of billions of words of text. He has read all of Wikipedia, all books ever digitized, and all of the rest of the internet as well.

Sit down and talk to him! What are you experiencing in your life? What problems do you have? What do you worry about? AI-bert then draws on his vast knowledge of the history and interconnectedness of the world and attempts to see how these personal issues might be related to global social and ecological injustices accumulated over long periods of time. Based on this conversation, AI-bert then uses his artificial creativity to invent a new personalized solution: “Good for you - Good for the planet!”

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Embassy of Food

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Andere deelnemers

Embassy of Food