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(Archive) Ik hou van Holland

'I love Holland' is a multimedia installation about the Netherlands in all its cute clumsiness.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Een overzichtsfoto van Ik hou van Holland — © Madeleine Ward

The exhibition includes a play with puns, stereotypes and dirty comparisons based on the artist's observations and associations. At ‘I love Holland’, recognisable and typically Dutch objects and symbols are inflated and distorted to make a humorous spectacle.

Old-Holland versus the Netherlands

The expressions of Dutch culture are examined in this exhibition and combined in an absurd manner. Think of objects that are typically Dutch, such as an (unnaturally large golden) clog. But also, less typical objects and subjects. Spring is known in the Netherlands as a sweet and innocent season. When the chocolate Easter eggs are for sale again and the calves are just being born, not only love is in the air, but more the scent of recently pollinated flowers and animals having sex.

With a tongue in cheek, Madeleine portrays the Netherlands from her eyes.

Een foto van de 'Koema Sutra' en de gehaakte klomp — © Madeleine Ward