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(Archive) For all ages

design for different generations in society and all ages to come

This project was part of DDW 2022
For all ages

'We all want to grow old but no one wants to be old'. - In the coming years, the group of older people in our society will grow significantly due to the double ageing population. How will changing demographics affect how we live together?

Growing old

Each generation in society faces different challenges; for instance, a lot of responsibilities come with turning 18 and more and more elderly people are living in loneliness. This is why it is important to start thinking about later today. What will your old age look like? Do you need to think about retirement now, or will you see it when you get there? And what values do we pass on to the next generation?

A cluster of social designers

Several social designers will take you along in their exploration through installations, research and interactive methodes. How do you feel about later?