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(Archive) The Symbiocene Forest - Down to Earth

This project was part of DDW 2023
Welcome to the Symbiocene: Down to Earth!

'Symbiocene Forest-Down to Earth' shows an ongoing journey of projects by inspiring creators investigating the Symbiocene. They invite us to explore a new world where human activity, art and the natural world converge harmoniously, creating a balanced world where we seamlessly integrate with nature.

The Symbiocene

The exhibition ‘Symbiocene Forest - Down to Earth’ shows the ongoing artistic research and projects of talented makers and designers that explore the Symbiocene. Talented participants explore aesthetic, innovative and ethico-political matters by incorporating science and technology with art and design. In that process, they are encouraged to rethink society’s attitude towards the interconnected world around us, regardless if it's visible or invisible to our eyes. They look at existing systems, connections and language with a nonhuman perspective and develop ideas that spark a discussion on societal, ethical and existential issues. As such, the exhibition’s goal is to inspire the public to look at our world around us from a more ‘Down to Earth’ perspective.