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(Archive) German Design Graduates

Making Noise: Suggestions for a Complex World

This project was part of DDW 2023
German Design Graduates — © photo: Mirja Zentgraf

The exhibition introduces 25 young designers working towards the transformation to a more compatible, just and sustainable society for people and the environment.

‘Making Noise’ presents projects by recent graduates from various German design schools

Richly diverse in approach, the projects encompass a range of designs from critical ideas and theoretical proposals to functional concepts and practical solutions. They are all situated within the current conditions of a world in transformation, which they reflect on, critically analyze and respond to. While some projects appear at first sight to present merely a single, isolated solution, they all acknowledge the complexity and interrelatedness of the conditions surrounding them.

Premises describing attitudes and attempts to transform the world

In this exhibition, the works on display are conceived of as premises describing attitudes and attempts to transform the world. Some define the situation as a crisis demanding revision and change, others promote activism, rituals or community engagement, still others redefine the relationship to the non-human world or reconsider material as matter rather than exploitable resource or engage in world-building. Importantly, these approaches do not contradict but overlap and complement one another. We understand these connections as valuable starting points for allowing each project to expand.

About the curators

The projects were selected by the independant and international curators Jana scholze and Amelie Klein. Jana Scholze is design curator and Associate Professor at the Kingston School of Art in London heading the MA Curating Contemporary Design in partnership with the Design Museum. Amelie Klein works as an independent design curator, writer and critic. Most recently, she opened "Heimaten – An Exhibition and Survey" at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MK&G) and co-curated the first iteration of the Design Campus School at the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Dresden dedicated to design and democracy.

Community Events

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd
The Graduates talk about their projects and tour through the exhibition with international guests - you are kindly invited to join them.

Start your DDW day with a chance to meet and mingle with design graduates form Germany and the Netherlands, introducing their novel projects addressing the ecological, social and political responsibility of design.

As forespeakers and ambassadors for design graduates, artistic director of DDW Miriam van der Lubbe shares thoughts about the power of graduates works shown at DDW before giving the word to the curators Amelie Klein and Jana Scholze. Both introduce briefly the exhibition.

The talk is organized by German Design Graduates hosted by German Design Council together with the Dutch Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Berlin as well as the Dutch Consulate-General in Duesseldorf.

Registration is requested here

Sunday octobre 21nd
09:30 – 11pm
Design Perron
Fuutlaan 12
5613AB Eindhoven

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German Design Graduates — © photo: Jakob Börner