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(Archive) Soft Energy Box

Reprogram your energy thinking: generate the limited energy you need at a certain time yourself: your soft energy!

This project was part of DDW 2023
Soft Energy Box, booklet, components — ©

With the Soft Energy Box no small batteries needed anymore . Produce this energy yourself. Compare your own power to the power human beings are consuming "normally". Apply the possibilities in "Smart Textiles", where small amounts of energy are needed for a short time.

The Soft Energy Box

The Soft Energy box contains carefully selected items to produce, experience, and experiment with "soft energy" that you can generate yourself.
Inside the box are three modified handcranks of different types, even one with a solar cell. Some with an internal battery, one without.
Added is a measuring device for the generated energy, and different components for doing experiments with the energy you generated, like LED's and a programmed microcontroller.

Booklet about the Soft Energy Box

Coming with the Soft Energy Box is a booklet describing the components and the experiments you can do with the hand cranks, the measuring device and the components. Format A6 - 54 pages, with plenty of pictures and descriptions of experiments.

Applications of the Soft Energy Box

During the Dutch Design week in the Fashion Tech Farm, there will be several applications on display. There will be an installation containing 12 microcontrollers, which will only run if the energy is generated by the public: no waste!
There will be a few garments with electronics running on the devices from the Soft Energy Box - which means - you have to generate the energy yourself!

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Textile Installation - powered by YOU — ©

Interactive Bomber Jacket - powered by YOU — ©