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(Archive) WasteBase | A new purpose for residual streams

A new purpose for residual streams

This project was part of DDW 2023
The WasteBase team analyses new material samples — © Caren Huygelen

The manufacturing of the products we use every day generates waste in the form of residual materials. These materials are often clean and of high quality, but end up in general waste. WasteBase increases the findability of these valuable materials, in order to stimulate repurpose.

Circular Design

WasteBase aims to tackle the problem of waste in the Dutch manufacturing industry by connecting manufacturers and designers in a new way to promote circularity. We provide a platform where manufacturers can offer their residual streams as valuable resources, enabling cost savings and reducing waste. Designers gain access to a wide range of leftover materials to create unique, circular products. If a material is tested and deemed suitable, WasteBase facilitates direct connections between parties for larger-scale collaborations. Successful collaborations are then showcased on our platform to inspire and motivate others.


Our goal is to create a society where material-driven design and repurposing are the norm, while virgin materials are only used as a last resort. By promoting circularity and reducing waste, WasteBase aims to contribute to several Sustainable Development Goals, such as responsible consumption and production, climate action, and sustainable cities and communities. This vision brings benefits by fostering a more sustainable and resource-efficient world, where the value of materials is maximized, waste is minimized, and environmental impacts are reduced.

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The WasteBase team holding new material samples — © Caren Huygelen