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(Archive) As a farmer

Collection 0118: 'Feel the warmth of nostalgia through local heritage’

This project was part of DDW 2023
Collection 0118 - Light object — © Naomi Remijn

Heritage and interior unite in an exhibition at Sectie C, showcasing modern objects inspired by the traditional techniques from the folk costume of Zeeland. Designer Naomi Remijn presents a collection of various interior products.

Collection 0118

The objects in collection 0118 reflect the crafted techniques from the traditional clothing of Walcheren, with a primary focus on the smocking technique. This traditional technique, which demands a significant amount of time and skill, is applied in an innovative manner and greatly enlarged in Naomi's objects. This not only showcases the pride in Zeeland and its heritage but also emphasizes the value of craftsmanship. By extracting techniques from the context of clothing and applying them in interior design, they find a place that is almost as intimate as clothing itself: our home.

The sustainability of craftsmanship

The garments worn by the women were made with love and dedication and the techniques that where used made the clothing even more special. This is in contrast with the modern fast fashion industry, where clothing is often discarded quickly and without much consideration. With her objects Naomi Remijn aims to showcase the value that craftsmanship holds.

Regional dress in interior

Visitors of the exhibition have the opportunity to admire the objects up close and learn about the acoustic and non-flammable properties of the material. In addition Naomi showcases the options for custom-made projects.

Collection 0118 - Room divider — © Naomi Remijn

Collection 0118 - Room divider — © Naomi Remijn

Collection 0118 - Light object — © Naomi Remijn

Collection 0118 - Light object