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(Archive) In Season

“The seasons are what a symphony ought to be: four perfect movements in harmony with each other.” – Arthur Rubinstein. But are we still “IN SEASON”?

This project was part of DDW 2023
Visual storytelling - are we still “IN SEASON”? — © mo man tai

This year we teamed up with Regina Fischer; an illustrator based in Berlin (Germany) to realise a colourful exhibition in our studio that is 100% built from leftovers we collect during our daily production.

A visual statement.

At first sight “In Season” is about spectacle, mesmerizing reflections, bold colours and graphics …. but after taking a closer look we tell you a story to make you reflect on the reality. Not only the weather is changing, also our way of life, the appearance of the landscape and the conscious use of resources. With the strong graphics and the bright colors, we dive into a "happy new world", which contains another level at a second look. We also illustrate the data and consequences of climate change in an extraordinary way.

A journey into the world of tomorrow

How do we want to live in the near future, what do we pay attention to now when dealing with the nature available to us? Come with us on a journey into the world of tomorrow that has already begun.
At studio mo man tai we are known colorful design products that put a smile on the customer's face ...but every year during Dutch Design Week we take part with a personal project/installation; without any commercial intent – meaning that once a year we do not focus on customer requirements or such but realize an installation (together with business partners) that communicates a set of values that are important to us.

A glimpse behind the curtains

This year we teamed up with Regina Fischer; an illustrator based in Berlin (Germany) to be able to realize a colourful, sparkling installation in our studio at the Hastelweg in Eindhoven. We invite the visitor to also have a "glimpse behind the curtains" and show how our products are produced - all locally and 'fair'; a standard that comes naturally to us!
At mo man tai we share a passion for colours, materials and haptics and challenge each other with the search for new, creative and sustainable solutions. We love to “get our hands dirty” and see how a design develops. We believe this contributes significantly to our designs becoming freer and more intuitive and hopefully more spectacular. We believe it is important to maintain optimism and keep striving for positivism - otherwise we run the risk that confidence towards the future falters.

Detail - Summer illustration by Regina Fischer — © mo man tai

Made almost entirely from leftover material — © Mandy Liebregts Photography

Converting illustrations into physical material — © Mandy Liebregts Photography

Detail "1850 - 2020 >1.5" installation — © Mandy Liebregts Photography