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(Archive) MechCircuit

This project was part of DDW 2023
An electronic piano made of magnets and conductive — © Photographed by Feng Shuyue

MechCircuit is an innovative prototype design and manufacturing platform. It combines circuit design, structural design, and modeling design using a new type of conductive magnet.


For designers, they often lack professional knowledge in circuits and structures, which makes them lack technical means when implementing their creative ideas. MechCircuit, as a design and manufacturing platform, can help them conveniently design in terms of appearance, electronics, and structure. For the product development process, the design of appearance, circuits, and structures are often carried out separately, which ultimately makes it difficult to match between the different parts. This wastes a lot of time and money. The vision of MechCircuit is to complete the entire process together to improve the efficiency of product iteration.


1. By using a conductive magnet and integrating it into the circuit, traditional static circuits can be made to move. This approach can create some movable structures and easily change the layout of the circuit. It can be widely used in interactive device design, rapid prototype manufacturing, and product development in the future. 2. Developed software tools that can quickly create circuits and magnet structures. Designers, artists, and researchers without a background in circuits and mechanics can quickly get started with design and manufacturing, with a very low learning cost. This can support these groups to freely exercise their imagination to create. 3. By integrating circuit design, structural design, and modeling design together, products can be considered as a whole, which can greatly reduce research and development costs and time.

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A sensor light — © Photographed by Feng Shuyue

A walking robot that can sense the position of a p — © Photographed by Feng Shuyue

A table lamp with adjustable brightness and color — © Photographed by Feng Shuyue

A table lamp with adjustable brightness and color