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(Archive) writer’s block hut by CÂPSULA

Câpsula expands on the urge to reconnect with nature, ourselves, and others. A new breed of sustainable tiny homes that inspire new ways to live well.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Exterior Writer's Block Hut — © Chris Collaris & Sven Olaf

In an age dictated by overconsumption, hyper-convenience and digitalism, what is "the good life"? And what’s the minimum amount of space we need to thrive? Writer's Block Hut is a tiny object designed to set you free, by offering more with less. Igniting your creativity, supporting your well-being.

Live large with less

With ample windows and a minimalistic, meticulously designed interior, the small-spaced cottage proposes a flexible answer to our modern-day needs for fewer options, with excellent choices made for us. Writer's Block Hut is a wink to a writer’s (or creative’s) experienced state of sudden brain freeze. This humble design shows how a modest dwelling can become an encouraging retreat if provided with the right design conditions. Choose from three different sizes, depending on one's personal needs.

The new standard for well-being

Writer’s Block Hut is a product designed for Câpsula, a new tiny living brand initiated by award-winning design office i29. Câpsula aspires to set a new standard for well-being, offering flexible, high-end tiny homes produced in the Netherlands.

The advanced design proposes a new perspective on living the good life. Adaptive, intuitive, generous. Distinguishing by its very own features. An architectural gesture with a simple promise: live large with less.

Daily podcast in the garden of Domus Dela

During DDW 2023, the Writer's Block Hut will provide the stage for a daily podcast with creatives who will expand on how their creative process thrives in relationship to space. Visitors can sit in the magical garden of Domus Dela and learn and listen first-hand from a wide variety of inspiring makers, from musicians to artists to designers to TV hosts. The exact programme will be announced on social media channels.

Câpsula, live large with less — © Studio&

Exterior Writer's Block Hut — © Chris Collaris & Sven Olaf

Exterior Writer's Block Hut — © Chris Collaris & Sven Olaf

Interior Writer's Block Hut — © Chris Collaris & Sven Olaf