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Câpsula expands on the urge to reconnect with nature, ourselves, and others. A new breed of sustainable tiny homes that inspire new ways to live well.

Câpsula, live large with less — © i29 & Plotvis

What’s the minimum amount of space we need to thrive? How can architectural solutions contribute to enhanced quality of life? Câpsula sets the new standard for well-being: high-end tiny houses that are a flexible answer to our modern-day needs for fewer options, with excellent choices made for us.

Live large with less

In an age dictated by overconsumption, hyper-convenience and digitalism, what is "the good life"? And what’s the minimum amount of space we need to thrive? How can we reduce our footprint and still live large?

Câpsula is a new design brand by i29 architects. The innovative intitiative kicks off with two distinct designs of tiny houses that both support slow luxury, albeit in a slightly different way (read more about Câpsula's Writer's Block Hut elsewhere). The intuitive design of the first tiny home (by i29) enhances the quality of life experience, seamlessly connecting the indoors with the outdoors from any viewpoint thanks to the ample facades and mirrored, angular design language.
Sustainable materials, local production and innovative design solutions such as the zip-on curtains on both sides for two optional extra indoor (bed)rooms make the design reflect a surprisingly flexible take on tiny living. Now local is becoming the new global, slow is the new fast, health is the new fashion, and simple is the new generous, let's allow for well-being to become the new rich.

The new standard for well-being

This remarkable tiny house proposes a flexible answer to our modern-day needs for fewer options, with excellent choices made for us.

Live daily podcast

During DDW 2023, one of the two tiny houses under the Câpsula umbrella will provide the stage for a daily podcast with creatives who will expand on how their creative process thrives in relationship to space. Visitors can sit in the magical garden of Domus Dela and learn and listen first-hand from a wide variety of inspiring makers, from musicians to artists to designers to TV hosts. The exact programme will be announced on social media channels.

About i29

i29 is an award-winning design office for interior and architecture projects. We deliver progressive work that stands out for its simplicity. In a digitising world, we shape the physical experiences around us: clear, effective, and surprising. We do not provide standard solutions but apply standardised working methods to guarantee quality, efficiency and creativity. We consciously bring each assignment back to the core and strive to create work that inspires a better future.

Câpsula shows how tiny living can have big impact. — © i29 & Plotvis

Câpsula's first tiny home is designed by i29. — © i29 & Plotvis

New perspectives are offered from all angles. — © i29 & Plotvis

Câpsula sets a new standard for well-being — © Studio&

Centre area, DOMUSDELA Outside, Kanaalstraat 4 binnenplein , Map No. F23
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Fully Wheelchair Accessible
Wifi available
Dogs allowed
Toilets available