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(Archive) Culturalized Wind Power

How can wind turbines become our new national monuments?

This project was part of DDW 2023
Our common cultural heritage - Noud Sleumer — © Noud Sleumer

Our relationship with wind energy has changed, but how?

The meaning of wind energy

The Netherlands has a century long relationship with wind energy, as traditional windmills cannot be missed within the visual representation of the country. In the past windmills used to be a direct gain for one's local living standards – from grinding grain and pumping out polders, whereas the sails were used as a means of communicating messages throughout a village. Windmills offered not only an economic or technological contribution, but also had social implications.

Fast forward to 2021 and we see enormous anonymous towers of steel and blades within the Dutch landscape. The country that was once famous for its personal relationship with wind energy, lost its humane connection. This exhibition is a quest to re-invent our relationship with wind energy. How can we create new rituals with wind turbines, in order to grab back our personal and communal connection? How can wind turbines become our new national monuments?

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Windturbine growth - Noud Sleumer — © Noud Sleumer

Windturbine blades - Noud Sleumer — © Noud Sleumer

Wind Pavilions - Noud Sleumer — © Noud Sleumer