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(Archive) Design United.EXPO by 4TU

20 Projects showcase our latest approaches in 5 design research themes. Find out what challenges we face Today!

This project was part of DDW 2023
Marijke Lucas

Emerging Technologies, such as Artificial intelligence and emerging materials, trigger us to make and study things where the natural and the artificial meet. It also evokes questions such as: 'What makes us human?' or, 'How do we live our lives in times of planetary and economic crises?'

5 Design Research Themes

Politics of Design
How do designers contribute to change at the complex intersections of social
structures, cultural differences, biases, stereotypes, and power differences?

Climate Futures Now
Design is a future-oriented practice. How to envision possible futures on a troubled planet, speculate about practices of tomorrow, and call to action?

More than Human
How can we create value for future habitats that are natural for the ‘life’ and
growth of humans and nonhumans?

Disentangling AI, Design & Society
How to deal with sociotechnical complexity and shaping change?

Making Matters
With critical debates on the future directions of making in full swing, How do crafters of advanced enabling technologies make the new everyday a reality?

Read more about these themes and find all of our 45 projects via our website: and join our DesignUnited.Dialogues Programm in Microlab 23-27 October!