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(Archive) Cringe or Cool?

Brought to you by Dogtoothâ„¢

This project was part of DDW 2023
Cringe or Cool? by Dogtooth™, Promotional Poster — © Designed by Tony Li & Anton Ripon

Cringe or Cool?, invites 10 artists to explore the theme of Cringe. Design functions in the chasm between the old and the new, and often follows a cyclical rhythm. We might tend to see the new as Cool and old as Cringe, but those descriptions can be reversed with equal validity.

What is Cringe?

«One might think that ‘Cringe’ is a phenomenon without explanation: a kind of revulsion reflex in face of a public demonstration of clumsiness or ignorance. The term has become the formula dedicated to designate a feeling that social networks have helped to make more common: ‘an indirect discomfort’»
- Robin James from Le cringe algorithmique, un outil de contrôle social

Fascinated by the extended effect of Cringe and the role it plays in design, the exhibit invites visitors to explore Cringe in our contemporary societal panorama and its influence on norms and trends. The exhibition features a series of installations curated from invited peers that explore various deep-dives of Cringe-Influenced objects and networks. From fashion to music, from memes to video games, the works challenge our prejudice with Cringe at the nucleus. The experience guides visitors through an active participatory scenography whereby you are prompted with choices to make between Cringe or Cool.