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(Archive) Threads of Data

Embracing FashionistAI: Translating Your Digital Footprint into Tailored Fashion Narratives.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Thinking about fashion with Threads of Data — © @Troykyo

"Threads of Data" transforms your personal data into digital fashion narratives, using innovative FashionistAI to craft tailored style recommendations from your public digital footprint, bridging the realms of technology and fashion for a unique, personalized experience.

How we “wear” data expressed as Digital Fashion

In today's data-centric world, "Threads of Data" offers a glimpse into fashion's future. Utilizing the prowess of our FashionistAI, we analyze your digital presence, gleaning insights from sources like Instagram, to weave a distinct fashion story tailored to you. We envision a near horizon where apparel is uniquely crafted by brands, reflecting your individuality.

Dive into the "Phygital" fashion landscape, a fusion of tangible and virtual dimensions. Realize how your data not only mirrors your style preferences but also steers you towards eco-conscious choices. Interact with our state-of-the-art system, illustrating the deep synergy between personal data and digital fashion.

This joint venture of the Wearable Data Studio and the Responsive Fashion Institute pushes the frontiers of Societal Sustainability, Technological Pioneering, and Holistic Personalization. Witness fashion through a rejuvenated lens, spanning design, branding, and commerce, all energized by avant-garde AI-driven techniques.