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(Archive) Secrid Talent Podium

Design as a force for good

This project was part of DDW 2023
Secrid Talent Podium 2023

Secrid gives the stage to talented designers and supports them in developing products that contribute to a sustainable future. In this way we are building a movement, to help shift the focus of industry from producing more to producing better.

Industrial Evolution

Secrid believes in the power of design. Look around you. Everything is designed. From the clothes you are wearing, to the phone in your pocket and the building you are in. All these products shape our society and impact our ecosystems.

Since the Industrial Revolution and the relocation of factories to low-wage countries, mass production of low-price and short-lifespan products has become the norm. This development has brought prosperity to some, but also social inequality, depleted raw materials, environmental pollution, declining biodiversity and a climate crisis.

Industry cannot be stopped, but it can be changed. We see a leading role for designers within that transition. The general guideline is simple: every new product must be better than its predecessors. We call this: Industrial Evolution.

Design as a force for good

During Dutch Design Week we put the spotlight on 7 talented designers. Creatives who boost the evolution of their industry with an innovative approach. In addition, we offer each designer coaching and an award of €7,777: a reference to our 7 design principles for holistic product design.

In collaboration with Dutch Design Foundation and Impact Hub, the following designers have been selected for the 2023 edition:

Solarix | Marloes van Heteren en Reiner Bosch
Aesthetic solar panels for building façades

Fungi Force | Frans van Rooijen
Circular varnish made from natural materials

Claybens | Emy Bensdorp
From PFAS-contaminated clay soil to clean bricks

Sumo Baby | Luisa Kahlfeldt
Reusable and effective replacement for disposable diapers

Vorkoster | Kimia Amir-Moazami
Lid that shows the true shelf life of food to battle food waste

ClimaFibre | Jess Redgrave
High-quality cotton alternative made from sunflower waste

Super Local | Luc van Hoeckel
Design in developing countries with local materials and makers

Design dilemmas

As consumers, we only see the end product. But every design, and every improvement, is preceded by a complex process of choices. During DDW we want to provide an insight into the conscious choices and dilemmas that our design talents and we ourselves face in our work. We hope this will open up conversations and ultimately lead to change.

Talented designers can help to solve some of the biggest dilemmas of our time. That’s why we invite designers to apply for the next edition of the design challenge that is organised by What Design Can Do. Three winners of the recent 'Make It Circular Challenge' are supported by Secrid and their work is also shown in this exhibition:

Balena | Yael Joyce Vantu and team
Bio-based, durable, flexible and 100% biodegradable plastic alternative

Resortecs | Cédric Vanhoeck, Vanessa Counaert and team
Heat-dissolvable threads and other solutions for textile disassembly and recycling

mujō | Juni Sun Neyenhuys en Annekathrin Grüneberg
Biodegradable packaging materials from a renewable natural resource: kelp