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Secrid Talent Podium

Design as a force for good

Secrid Talent Podium 2023

After a successful first edition in 2022, Secrid Talent Podium is back! At DDW23 Secrid shows the crucial role that design plays in our lives and in the transition to a sustainable future. This podium is part of a movement of designers who are opting to make better, instead of just more products.

From more to better

Look around you. Everything around you has been designed. From the pen that you’re writing with, to the phone cover in your pocket and the chair you’re sitting on. To market these products, designers make choices about the shape, materials, production process, and the life span of a product. All these decisions have consequences for our planet, and all the people that are involved in the production process. By making different choices, we want to shift the industry from producing more, to producing better. At Secrid we call this: ‘Industrial Evolution’.

About the Secrid Talent Podium

With the Secrid Talent Podium we want to inspire ever more sustainable forms of production and consumption. In collaboration with Dutch Design Foundation we select 7 talented designers every year who are using their creative power to build a more sustainable future. Their work is being shown in a collective exhibition at Dutch Design Week. In addition, each designer receives coaching and a cash prize of €7.777,77: a reference to our 7 design principles for sustainable product design. The following designers have been selected for the 2023 edition:

Claybens | Emy Bensdorp
Bricks that purify PFAS-polluted land

ClimaFibre | Jess Redgrave
Regenerative textile made from, coated and coloured with sunflowers

Fungi Force | Frans van Rooijen
Natural coloring based on biocoating

Solarix | Marloes van Heteren en Reiner Bosch
Customisable solar panels for facades

Sumo | Luisa Kahlfeldt
A sustainable alternative for disposable nappies

Super Local | Luc van Hoeckel
Solving social and waste challenges in developing countries and empowering local creators

Vorkoster | Kimia Amir-Moazami
Providing insight into the actual expiration date of food products to combat food waste

Winners WDCD Make it Circular Challenge

From their shared mission, Secrid and Dutch Design Foundation also work together with What Design Can Do (WDCD) by supporting three winners of the WDCD Make it Circular Challenge. Come to the Secrid Talent Podium to meet these inspiring product designers. Interested designers can also sign up for the next edition of the challenge.

About Secrid

Designers couple Marianne van Sasse van Ysselt and René van Geer have worked for industrial clients for many years. Since 2009 they focused on their own brand: Secrid. Secrid makes pocketwear essentials sold in more than 80 countries. Secrid chooses to produce in the Netherlands and to work with sheltered workshops. Success at Secrid is not about maximising economic growth, but about creating positive change. 1% of revenue goes to supporting designers that contribute to the Industrial Evolution.