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Brick: a medium to reveal (de)colonial history

This critical design project researches the context and historical significance of Fort Zeelandia, Dutch Formosa (nowadays Taiwan). In the form of an educational toy, research zine, and interactive website, this project reveals how colonial dominance was represented through brick(laying).

Agency of Brick(laying)

How history can be taught through material and/or artefacts? Two prototype series were made as a way of sorting out the geopolitical development of Ford Zeelandia since Dutch Formosa. In combination with artistic reinterpretations of both visual elements and historical archives, the results of the critical-making process can be seen as constructivist pedagogical props - internally and publicly.

About design by Rising Lai

design by Rising Lai, formed by Rising Lai, is a studio passionate about digging stories behind the objects. From industrial products to cultural artefacts, we comb the complexity of human creation and curate them in a communicative way. Through design, their works research, contextualise and speculate the relationship among society, individual, and material culture.