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Sensory utopia or dystopia?

Imagine a future where we are able to design our senses for our needs – sensing radio waves, UV light, air pollution, and sugar levels in our food. With technological developments like Artificial Intelligence and robotics, we might reach new sensory horizons.

The world is full of data that is not perceived

There are many known and unknown ways of communicating and transmitting information within different species of animals, bugs, birds, fish, plants, and any other organism. There are also many known and unknown sensors that receive specific information, like human soundwave sensors (our ears), bird geomagnetic field sensors (magnetite), or animal senses for seismic movement. The world is full of data that is not perceivable by other species.

What would you choose to sense?

As a sensory food designer, I find it fascinating how food brings together all of our accessible senses in the act of eating. But even with all the accessible tools, we are unable to detect the unhealthy ingredients in food. This curiosity about inaccessible data has inspired me to think in terms of perceiving the imperceptible.

If you could choose any new sense to enhance your daily food experiences, what would it be? What is something you are always watching out for in your food, or something you wish you could know? What would you like to effortlessly be able to sense?

About Laila Snevele

Sensory food designer Laila Snevele explores the perception food through multisensory research. What role does color, shape, texture, temperature, sound, mouthfeel and aroma play in our understanding of a certain food? And how can we use these elements to change or elevate our sense of taste? Snevele designs recipes for the brain.

Specialized in multisensory experiences for restaurants, brands, products and events, Laila helps you to share your story through all five senses.
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