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The Green Clean / De groene schoonmaak

People with a distance from the jobmarket bring sustainability, greening and reuse closer to you

To be or not to bee, thats the candle

People with intellectual disabilities reduce complex issues to simple solutions. In their own way by rearranging existing objects in new design and by making natural cleaning products and clean air products. In this way we become a bit kinder to the earth.

People with an intellectual disability bring sustainability closer to you

'The green clean' is a social project by the disability organization Lunet and designer Edith Vervest of Sterkstijl. We believe it is important that our people participate, matter and grow. We believe that this is only possible in a society in which we think about reuse. We show in an accessible way how we deal with the themes of sustainability and greening.

Various Lunet craft workshops helped by thinking about this theme. They design and make usable products in which reuse and natural materials play the only role. This idea has even been implemented in the lunch and small snacks that are served. Throw nothing away, use everything is also the motto here.

Sometimes it seems that the theme of sustainability is far removed from people with an intellectual disability. But how surprising and special it is to experience that these people in particular can come up with simple solutions for complicated subjects. Call it green, sustainable. Don't pull but brush.

About Lunet

Lunet is a non-profit organization for people with intellectual disabilities. Lunet supports living, working, learning and leisure,
We work on the basis of quality of care with a good life as our focus.
Together we work towards an independent and fully-fledged place in society.
werken met restmaterialen/ residual materials
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