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(Archive) Raw Color – Multiply

The exhibition celebrates Raw Color as the winner of Limburg Design Award 2023 and shows a selection of the studio's work from the past 15 years.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Multiply by Raw Color – Quarantine Quilts — © Raw Color

‘Multiply’ stands for overlapping and mixing colours and represents the many forms of colour research that are central to the studio’s work. The materialisation of colour can be seen as the core of the multidisciplinary studio. The exhibition unites an overview of final outcomes and process.

Raw Color combines objects, textile and installations into a spatial colour experience.

Limburg Design Award
The Limburg Design Award goes to Raw Color. Daniera ter Haar and Christoph Brach work together with their team on assignments that are either initiated by themselves or commissioned. The realisation of their ideas can be found in various areas such as exhibition design, branding, textile objects and photography.

Spatial Design
The exhibition design was developed and realised by the studio to create a spatial colour experience. Next to this the visitors can browse through shelves with graphic work and process. In addition to branding examples a selection of material sample are displayed. Visitors should get an insight into the working method of the studio.

Self directed and commissioned
The diversity of the studio can be clearly experienced throughout the exhibition. Product design, textile and interactive installation are standing next to each other. The visitor can experience the influence between self initiated projects and commissioned work.

This exhibition is a unique opportunity to experience a wide selection of Raw Color's most iconic works.

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Multiply by Raw Color – The Fans — © Raw Color

Multiply by Raw Color – Blend, Hue Boxes, Line — © Raw Color

Multiply by Raw Color – Mesh — © Raw Color

Multiply by Raw Color – Process cabinet