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(Archive) Gendertaal

What kind of Genderdal would we want to see?
Plant Fictions presents the myth of Gendertaal at DDW23.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Gendertaal — © Plant Fictions

Gendertaal transcends the proverbial: it is a way of being, a mythology, a re-telling of hybrid folklores. Hailing from different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds, the merry band of storytellers reflect the melting pot that the city of Eindhoven is.

The diversity of colors and voices we are inspired by, in our neighborhood.

We invited responses from a range of individuals to chime their thoughts, on this thought provocation. The responses invite the literal, the speculative, consider the more-than-human. Gendertaal is more than the sum of the individual parts.

We pay tribute to the diversity of colors and voices we are inspired by, in our neighborhood of Genderdal. The numerous tongues spoken, languages, and stories we are enthralled with, and are familiar with. Gendertaal underscores the myriad of voices that one can find in a city. Art, design, film, food, architecture, gardens and community find common ground here— we invite you here with a curious mind - to partake in them, savor these myths and folklores told as they unfold in Gendertaal.