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(Archive) Design the (work) life you’ll love

Designing your dream (work) life starts with getting to know yourself better. Discover what brings you to life with a set of expressive stickers!

This project was part of DDW 2023
Designer Iris Jönsthövel

Designer Iris Jönsthövel offers a hands-on workshop to help you figure out what you’ll need from your (work) life to feel aligned & fulfilled. With worksheets and associative sticker prompts you’ll be exploring things about yourself that make you excited and inspired by your own unique personality.

A Design Approach to Life: Why?

I provide people with a design approach to life by offering hands-on design thinking tools that help them with cultivating personal & professional growth in an intentional & accessible way.

From an early age we are confronted with the question of what we want to be when we grow up. In our final years of school this question becomes more urgent, but we have never been taught an approach on how to go about answering this question. Sooner or later many of us find ourselves in a life and/or career that’s not the right fit or lose motivation because we don’t know what really drives us. We see it happening everywhere: engagement levels drop, people burn or bore out and the overall state of well-being is declining because of this problem.

The truth is, we lack a process - a design process - for figuring out what we want, whom we want to grow into, and how to create a life we love. Right now, when people feel stuck one of the few options they have is to turn to a career- or life coach for guidance, which can be daunting, expensive or just not the right fit.

DDW Workshop session

I believe that, regardless of age, or stage in life, anyone can learn how to design their lives for themselves, when they apply the same tools designers use when imagining a future that doesn’t yet exist. During the DDW workshop I offer people the opportunity to take some time out of their day and creatively explore things about themselves that matter to them most and define their guiding principles for future life decisions. I provide the visitor with design tools: a worksheet, a set of expressive stickers and colourful pens, and guide them in exploring things about themselves that they are proud of and make them excited. After 1,5 hours they will walk away feeling confident and inspired by their own unique personality!

DDW details: when & where?

On Thursday 26 OCT & Friday 27 OCT you can join me for a 1,5 hour workshop session at The Social Hub next to central station. I offer three time slots during these two days and make sure to hold space for you to focus, create and get away from the busyness of the event and just let you sticker away by yourself for the time being. Everything we will be doing is done in a very positive and accessible way so don't worry about having any 'skills' or not. It doesn't matter, just come as you are!

The materials are in (easy to understand) English but I speak both English and Dutch.

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Iris with workshop materials

Workshop materials: worksheets & stickers

Iris with Alta at Creative Life Event

Designer Iris Jönsthövel