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(Archive) Fleur Peters, Iris Lucia, Emma Hoogstede

Colorful interior objects

This project was part of DDW 2023
Emma, Iris, Fleur — © Emma, Iris, Fleur

We are Studio Fleur Peters, Iris Lucia Design and Emma Hoogstede. Three individual makers with a shared interest in exploring the bounderies of delicate materials like glass, thin 3D printed plastic and ceramics. We present our 3 collections of colorful interior objects together at Piet Hein Eek.

Exploring material bounderies

Fleur Peters is fascinated by light and color, which translates into her work with glass, where she examines the relationship between craftsmanship and contemporary design.
The sun is her greatest source of inspiration. With her designs, she makes sunlight visible. The reflections, refractions, shadows, and colors of the glass play with the light and give depth to her designs.

All objects from Iris Lucia Design are 3D drawn with lines consisting of bio-resin.
Everyday objects like a vase or a teapot are sketched with a pen in space. A futuristic craft where each piece is unique. The desired object is immediately given volume.
It literally explores the boundaries of form, between the lines. Raising fundamental questions: How much material do we need? How lightly can we live?

Emma’s colorful ceramic interior objects have a flexible function and their ambiguous character invites play.
The designs arise from an ongoing research into the bounderies of clay itself and the moulds used to cast and form that clay. 
Her goal is to create a bond between the user and the object in the hope to extend the life-span of that object. And just as important: add some fun to your day!

Emma, Iris, Fleur — © Emma, Iris, Fleur