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(Archive) A place to look forward to

Barriers in the public space

This project was part of DDW 2023
A place to look forward to

By altering everyday objects, which we often take for granted, we aim to playfully shed light on the overlooked thresholds. Our installation actively seeks interaction with the audience.


Our installation is designed as a response to the increasing homogeneity in our environment and the occasional fading sense of community. We aim to create awareness about the barriers that impede interaction in public spaces, while also inviting people to experience these inconveniences.

A staircase that cannot be climbed symbolizes the occasional inaccessibility of places for people with disabilities. The benches that prevent people from seeing each other highlight the limitation of solely installing benches in neighborhoods. An important aim of our installation is to promote inclusivity and restore a sense of community. We intend to encourage individuals to broaden their perspectives and embrace the diversity around them.


By making the thresholds of our spaces tangible, we aim to promote understanding and empathy, so that people become aware of the impact of these barriers on themselves and others. By creating awareness and inviting the audience to experience the thresholds, a shared experience emerges. People are encouraged to converse and exchange ideas to enhance the inclusivity and accessibility of public spaces.