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Spin Off / Sustainability of Traditions

Fashiondesigner Dide Hello / "Witte Wieven" — © Fotograaf Thom Werker / KW1C

Students from various programs at Koning Willem I College collaborate with external clients. In the design processes, sustainability and traditions are paramount, translated into interactive presentations and performances in the Heuvel.

Producing locally

Students Meubeldesign conducted research into production using local and sustainable materials, such as the poplar wood along the A2 between 's-Hertogenbosch and Eindhoven. In this approach, the process is as important as the end product. In the past, furniture was made from local materials. Globalization has led to materials coming from afar and worldwide production. Now, we are returning to local production, with sustainability as the trigger.

Social issue

Students Creatief work with external clients on a social issue. For a school in Malawi, the students developed a joint concept that ensures the future of the school. This includes educational and PR material. The children in Malawi do not identify with the traditional Western textbooks.

The new sanctuary

Students Artiest collaborate with a design studio. From the theme of 'tradition', the students reflected on today's faith. In the past, we all believed in a God and joined the church. At church, there were moments of contemplation, slowing down, and reflection. Nowadays, man is God himself and we must seek out those moments ourselves: in search of the new sanctuary. In an interactive installation, students will explore this new sanctuary together with the audience.

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About Koning Willem I College

Koning Willem I College is a place where talent flourishes. Beautiful things are created here, as we experiment, inspire, and above all: act. Our students don't spend their whole day in a classroom. We bring the field of work inside and education outside. In addition to regular subject-oriented lessons, there are workshops and studios where students think, work, and develop multidisciplinary skills. Here, they work in small groups on realistic issues or products from society or business.

Fotograaf Max van Dijk / Documentaire "Jo de Roy" — © Max van Dijk / KW1C

Meubeldesigner Mark Fonken / "Lokaal" — © Fotografie Mark Fonken /KW1C

St Jan Kazuivel Fashionshow — © Fotografie Marjolein van Woerden / KW1C

Meubeldesigner Marjolein van Woerden / "Lokaal"