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(Archive) Embassy of Food

This project was part of DDW 2023
Kadir van Lohuizen/NOOR

The Embassy of Food believes in the role that designers can play in shaping the world behind our food and the relationship we all have with our food.

The farm of the future

By changing how we handle our food—how it’s grown, transported, and consumed—we can significantly improve the planet and society. However, this is not an easy task. It requires a broad food transition, the convergence of expertise, and cross-sectoral collaboration. It’s a challenging journey. Designers use imagination to find new perspectives when everything else seems stuck. How can we offer new perspectives to reshape the current food system?

In the coming years, the Embassy of Food will build a network of food experts consisting of designers, farmers, policymakers, businesses, producers, and scientists. Together, we will explore new perspectives on how we approach our food. This year, we begin with the farm of the future as our central theme. The goal is to create a sustainable and viable food system that benefits everyone. What would this farm look like if we take sustainability, animal welfare, and health as our starting points? How can we design a food system where different cycles are closed and we optimally utilise all resources? And how do we shape the transformation of our landscape with current transitions in mind? What does this mean for the land, the farmer, and the supply chain?

The Embassy of Food challenges the network to reflect on the current food system. How can we look at the world behind the food on our plates differently? Can we use imagination to break free from our individual ideas about the existing food chain and collectively challenge the status quo? And as a network, can we accelerate the transition by offering new perspectives for the farm of the future?

The Embassy serves as a place where the network can come together throughout the year to develop various scenarios for the food chain of the future. The way we handle our food can trigger a broader transition. The food transition is not only about what we eat but also about improving biodiversity and ensuring the availability of healthy and nutritious food for everyone. What is your role in this bigger story?