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Plant-Based Lighting Concepts

Jaxon Hales

The Wasatch Design Collective is focused on solving problems through folding. We have designed a series of fold-it-yourself lamps made from bioplastics. By creating products in this way, we have reduced the amount of petroleum used in the manufacture and shipping of our production.

Folded Forms

Folding can be a way of simplifying production, reducing waste, and making something beautiful and engaging. Our collective core values include consuming responsibly while actively taking part in forming the things around us. We have designed several pendant and table-top lamps, made from bioplastics, that arrive flat and are folded into form by the end user. Visitors to our exhibit will see our work up close, both in flat and folded form.

About Wasatch Design Collective

We are a collective of industrial designers who experiment with folding as a problem solving and morphogenic strategy. We use origami principles and methods to create low-waste, efficient products that invite user interaction and delight. Our non-paper folded works range from furniture to food to a folding ballistic barrier. Over the past ten years, our collective has shown products in many local and international exhibitions.

Jaxon Hales

Jaxon Hales

Jaxon Hales

Strijp T+R area, Piet Hein Eek, Halvemaanstraat 30 , Map No. A2
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